The Latest Job Finding Services for Veterans

 There are more than 17 million veterans in America, serving various duties throughout the country – that’s a large portion of our population. While some of those veterans don’t work (by their own choice or not), veterans also make up a large portion of the working community. They fill slots in any number of fields, helping bring much need insight and expertise to all industries.

This is true for many reasons. One, is that veterans have a robust and diverse set of skills. Another is that veterans often leave the military while they are still young and able to work. Even when “retiring” from the military, veterans are a young age and still willing to work. Others get out after only a few years of serving, leaving them decades of capable working years ahead of them.

Joining the field allows them to continue and/or expand their skills while continuing to work. Another reason that many veterans choose to work is that they can create another stream of revenue.

In any case, there is no shortage of ways for veterans to find jobs. When searching the old fashioned way, veterans are likely to be hired due to their past work experience. (Including impressive skills.)

Others prefer to work through a job finding service. This helps take out the legwork, and allows the veteran to choose from the most attractive positions that are available in their field.

Veteran Hiring Services

Dozens of services have been put into place to-date, including Hiring Our Heroes, Hire Purpose, and branches of Indeed,, etc. There is also a venture put on by the VA itself, to name a few.

One of the latest companies to join the veteran-hiring platform is none other than Wal-Mart. Their program Find a Future allows for military affiliated folks to easily apply to the company, or to learn more about career openings within the Wal-Mart umbrella.

Opportunities are available to veterans, active duty members, Reserves, military spouses, and more. However, jobs aren’t isolated to working for Wal-Mart, either. With public partnerships, applicants can get leads on hundreds of opportunities that fit their skillset.

Veterans joining the program can also gain free job training, mentoring, and training options on finding the perfect job. This is beneficial because, thanks to Wal-Mart’s partnership, they can get a leg up on any available gig. Additional training can also leave applicants better prepared to take on their new gig.

Former military members with all skillsets can benefit from tens of free employment programs. Each is designed to offer something different in order to expand veterans’ professional lives beyond their stint with the military.

Consider looking to these options when looking for a job or any workforce training after leaving the military.

Veterans from all branches and timeline of service can grow from these free resources. See how you can gain training and options toward your next career by signing up today.

Ready to learn more about Find a Future or another job training service? Stay tuned for future blogs.

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