Was the Bin Laden Raid A Kill Mission From The Go?

A former Navy Seal and author of the new book, "No Easy Day", reveals his first hand personal experience during the amazing Osama bin Laden raid.

Matt Bissonnette, pseudonym name Mark Owen, version of that historic raid writes that Bin Laden was shot in the head when looking ‘outside’ his bedroom door by a fellow Navy Seal 'point man'. Bissonnette writes that he was only steps behind this point man when Bin Laden was actually shot. Then immediately after the deadly gun fire, Bin Laden ducked backed into the bedroom and was then found laying down on the floor 'twitching' in a pool of blood. It was clear that Bin Laden was not dead and the Navy Seals then shot Bin Laden several more times.

This directly contradicts the Obama administration accounts whereas Bin Laden was shot only after he retreated back into his bedroom apparently retrieving a weapon. In other words, Bin Laden was shot in self defense by the Navy Seals.

With this new revelation, it has been suggested that the Navy Seal raid was a 'kill' mission from the beginning. Such a 'kill mission' due to the prospective global outrage from terrorists groups around the world if Bin Laden was captured alive.

However, Bissonette mentions that an attorney representing either the White House or DOD directed them to 'detain' Bin Laden if he posed no threat. But clearly, according to Bissonette's own account in his book, this is not what actually occurred.

One must wonder if the Navy Seals did follow such orders; wouldn’t the Navy Seals be facing a court marshal rather than lasting fame? Leading some to believe it was a ‘Kill’ mission all along.

Interesting to note that Bissonnette writes that none of the Navy Seals are Obama fans and they all knew that the President would take credit for their work. In fact, one Navy Seal mentioned that their success may have gotten Obama reelected due to their successful efforts. Not only that, but Bissionnette goes on to say less flattering comments regarding Vice President Joe Biden referring him of "someone's drunken uncle at Christmas dinner."

The White House and DOD are clearly concerned about the book above simple embarrassment claiming possible disclosure of classified information. However Bissonnette says that "he did not disclose confidential or sensitive information that would compromise national security in any way."

At the end of the day, who would you believe? A politician clinging for positive polling points not to mention reelection... or a highly trained Navy Seal aspiring to reveal his version of the famed Bin Laden raid.


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