Honoring Mike Day Navy SEAL

Senior Chief Mike Day, a former Navy SEAL who passed away on March 27, 2023, faced what seemed like insurmountable odds during an intense firefight in Iraq.

During the battle, he was shot 27 times and still managed to eliminate enemy insurgents and save innocent lives.

This remarkable story of survival and resilience is just one chapter in the life of Mike Day, who has become an inspiration for many within the military community.

In this blog post, we'll honor and will delve deeper into the incredible journey of Mike Day as a Navy SEAL. From his heroic actions on that fateful day to his recovery process at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center - where he overcame PTSD and TBI - we'll explore how his experiences have shaped him into a wounded warrior advocate dedicated to helping fellow veterans navigate their own challenges.

The Fateful Raid in Anbar Province

Imagine this: it's 2007, and Senior Chief Mike Day, a Navy SEAL, is leading his platoon as the assault force commander for Naval Special Warfare Task Unit-Fallujah. Their mission? A high-stakes raid targeting an al Qaeda cell.

As they breach the door of the building housing these dangerous operatives, things take a turn for the worse. In mere seconds, two Iraqi Scouts shoot at Mike Day, knocking his rifle out of his hands. Faced with no other choice, he switches to his trusty sidearm - a pistol - and engages in fierce combat against multiple enemies inside the building.

Demonstrating outstanding naval special warfare skills under pressure, Mike not only eliminates several threats but also manages to protect innocent women and children caught in the crossfire during this intense operation.

Mike Day was shot 27 times during the raid, but his body armor saved his life. Perfectly wounded, he continued to fight until the building was cleared. He told Fox News that he was "just doing his job" and that he was "proud to serve with the SEAL teams."

Overcoming Physical Pain from Sustained Injuries

Mike Day, an outstanding Naval Special Warfare teammate, was evacuated to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center after surviving a harrowing ordeal. At Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, Mike Day received intensive treatment for his PTSD and TBI which caused him to lose over fifty pounds in a matter of weeks. In just a few weeks, he lost over fifty pounds due to these conditions

The road to recovery was not easy, but Mike's resilience shone through as he tackled physical therapy head-on. His determination helped him regain strength and mobility despite being shot 27 times, with grenade shrapnel wounds and other injuries.

Apart from physical injuries, mental health is often overlooked by military personnel returning home. PTSD and TBI are common among veterans like Mike who have faced life-threatening situations on multiple occasions. To overcome these challenges, counseling sessions were essential in helping him process his experiences and find ways to cope with daily life again.

Transition Into Civilian Life & Retirement

Mike dedicated his post-retirement life to helping fellow veterans through the challenges they face upon returning home or transitioning into civilian life. Mike Day, an outstanding Naval Special Warfare teammate, founded a nonprofit organization to provide support and resources for wounded warriors like himself to help fellow veterans through the difficult transitions they face upon returning home or transitioning into civilian life.

The transition from military service to civilian life can be tough for many veterans. Wounded Warrior Project, one of the organizations Mike Day supports, aims to help them navigate this challenging period with various programs and services tailored specifically to their needs.

Mental health issues such as PTSD and TBI are prevalent among Navy SEALs and people in the military special forces and army, navy, and marines who have experienced combat situations firsthand. To address these concerns, Mike's nonprofit works tirelessly in raising awareness about these conditions within military communities while also advocating for better treatment options and resources available to those affected by them.

In his memoir, Perfectly Wounded, Mike shares his experiences with PTSD and TBI throughout his military career. This book is not just any war story; it's a tale of resilience and overcoming adversity.

Mike has been featured on the popular Jocko Podcast, where he discussed his experiences in-depth with host Jocko Willink - another former Navy SEAL.

Honoring the Legacy of Douglas "Mike" Day

Senior Chief Mike Day's incredible story has left a lasting impact on the Naval Special Warfare community. His exemplary service earned him the Navy Cross, Silver Star, two Bronze Stars (one with valor), and a Purple Heart.

As fellow SEALs mourn his loss, they continue to honor his legacy by sharing stories about their outstanding naval special warfare teammate.

  • Tributes: Countless tributes pour in from those who knew him personally or admired his actions during combat operations.
  • Inspiration: Mike Day's courage serves as an inspiration for future generations within Navy SEAL teams and other branches of special operations command.

Navy Times lauds Mike Day as a "living symbol of the tenacity and strength of Navy SEALs." His story serves to remind us all of the dedication and bravery demonstrated by our service members, highlighting the importance of backing those who serve.

Apart from being remembered as a brave warrior, Mike was also known for his advocacy work post-retirement. The nonprofit organization he founded helps veterans cope with challenges faced upon returning home or transitioning into civilian life - further testament to his dedication towards supporting wounded warriors like himself.


In conclusion, Mike Day's story is one of incredible bravery and resilience. Despite sustaining 16 bullet wounds while serving as an assault force commander for Naval Special Warfare Task Unit-Fallujah, he was able to rescue six women and children from harm's way. At Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, Mike Day underwent a trying yet uplifting process of recovery that inspired him to create a charity dedicated to helping veterans and their families coping with combat-related distress.

Mike Day persevered, recounting his story through writing and public appearances to emphasize the significance of resilience in the face of difficulty. Mike Day was recognized with several honors for his remarkable courage in the line of duty, such as the Silver Star and two Bronze Stars.

If you're interested in learning more about Mike Day Navy SEALs or joining Project War Path in support of our nation's heroes, visit navyseal.com today!


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