Basics of Navy SEAL Missions

 The Navy SEALs stands for Sea, Air, and Land.  No matter where they are needed, the NAVY SEAL will get there.  They aren’t limited to a certain area of expertise.  They are constantly training for the success of missions that can’t be completed by anyone else. 

The Navy SEALs are more than the high profile missions you see in the news; they do more covert operations than the news outlets can show.  The Navy SEALs are an elite team on the world’s finest warriors, and they complete a mission without the need for praise and glory.  Navy SEALs do whatever is necessary to maintain the security of the American people.  The Navy SEALs are vital to the success of any military effort, and their capabilities allow them to overcome any obstacle that comes their way.  Nothing stands in the way of their success.

Becoming a Navy SEAL

A college degree is not a requirement for Navy SEAL training, but an extreme level of mental and physical determination is a must; skills that can’t be learned.  Certain people are naturally born warriors.  Not every applicant will become a Navy SEAL.  Recruits endure unimaginable mental, physical, and emotional distress for 30 grueling months.  If you can imagine the bad, they are training for the worst.  Not many people are left standing after they have been pushed beyond their limits.  Those who emerge stronger in the end know they don’t have limits; they have the mental ability to constantly push the boundaries.  All of the exhaustive training Navy SEALs receive prepares them to complete the missions that most civilians can’t even comprehend.

Navy SEALs are Prepared for Any Situation

Navy SEALs go through extensive Navy Seal training to prepare them for anything that comes their way.  Navy SEALs are the world’s finest warriors, and they are members of a very small group of SEALs who do the most dangerous and physically demanding job in the military.  Navy SEALs teams train in harsh conditions, and the most demanding environments found around the world.  The importance of training in such conditions is that they are ready for whatever surroundings they may experience.  They are always prepared for unfathomable situations, including:

  • Jungles
  • Freezing cold
  • Extreme heat
  • Deserts
  • Frigid waters
  • Hostile air space
  • Urban areas
  • Woodlands
  • Mountains
  • Swamps

Navy SEALs Missions

The Navy SEALs are called in to guarantee the success of any mission.  Navy SEALs missions generally fall within 5 main categories.

1.     Unconventional Warfare

Unconventional warfare is the use of activities to disable a targeted enemy without risking civilian life.  Tactics include guerilla attacks, sabotage, subversion, and special intelligence techniques.

2.    Direct Action

Direct Action is the use of military force to disable a specific target by infiltration, attack, and exfiltration of enemy territory.  Special Operations units engage in small scale attacks that are intended for maximum effect on a target.  SEALs go in undetected by way of tactical vehicle, helicopter, parachute, boat, or by swimming.

3.    Counterterrorism Efforts

If terrorist are a threat to national security, the Navy SEALS are responsible for identifying and preventing the terrorist’s plans of attack on the nation.

4.    Special Reconnaissance

Small units of Navy SEAls engage in covert missions to track and monitor hostile areas.  They provide real-time intelligence and collect critical data about the observed target.

5.    Foreign Internal Defense

SEALs participate in the training foreign military members and civilians to protect themselves from insurgents, lawlessness, and the destruction of society.

Navy SEALs Duties

Navy SEALs know teamwork is essential for the success of their mission.  A team can’t overcome adversity when they are not working together.  The Navy SEALs are responsible for accomplishing tasks that can’t be completed by one SEAL alone.  SEALs must also pay close attention to every detail around them and the details of the mission.  There is no room for a mistake, and the Navy SEALs are trained with no room for error when they are called into action.

  • Get in an get out undetected when completing a special operations mission
  • Capture terrorists
  • Capture personnel who are a threat to national security
  • Perform special missions to collect intelligence that is necessary for military operations
  • Rid areas of explosives and other obstacles before land or sea landings

Wherever there is military action, there was a SEAL behind the scenes.  The Navy Seals are there to do the jobs we don’t need to know about.

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