What Does SEAL Stand For?

What Does SEAL Stand For?

Like so many others, have you ever wondered what SEAL stands for?  SEAL stands for Sea, Air, and Land. This acronym perfectly encapsulates the essence of the United States Navy SEALs—elite special operations forces renowned for their unparalleled expertise in operating across all terrains. Their rigorous and comprehensive BUD/S training prepares them to execute various missions worldwide, from maritime operations (sea) to parachuting from aircraft (air).

SEALs adapt to any environment or situation to conduct raids or reconnaissance on land (land).

The name signifies their operational capabilities and symbolizes their fluidity and versatility in navigating diverse challenges during missions.

Navy SEAL teams are stationed at various locations, primarily within the United States and overseas. Each team has a unique designation and focus area, although their training ensures they can operate across multiple environments—sea, air, and land.

  1. Naval Special Warfare Group 1, based in Coronado, California:
    • SEAL Team 1
    • SEAL Team 3
    • SEAL Team 5
    • SEAL Team 7
  2. Naval Special Warfare Group 2, located in Virginia Beach, Virginia:
    • SEAL Team 2
    • SEAL Team 4
    • SEAL Team 8
    • SEAL Team 10


  • SEAL Delivery Vehicle Teams (SDVT) specialize in underwater delivery and insertion of SEALS from submarines; SDVT-1 is located in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.
  • Naval Special Warfare Development Group (DEVGRU), known as Seal Team Six or just "Team Six," specializes in counterterrorism operations and high-priority missions worldwide. Although its location is classified, it's widely understood to be based out of the Dam Neck Annex of Oceana Naval Air Station in Virginia Beach.

SEAL Teams are not static but highly mobile to whatever mission is placed before them. In other words, situation dictates. Thus, Navy SEALs are among the most trusted, dependable warriors worldwide.

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