What Is The Military Star Card?

The Military Exchanges' Credit Card - the MILITARY STAR Credit Card - is accepted at all administration trades and can be utilized online and for list buys. It can be utilized at all AAFES, US Army, Marine Corps, US Navy and Coast Guard Exchanges.

Similar to a bank card such as Master Card or Visa, the Military Star Credit Card offers a significant number of the same benefits. The card has no yearly expense, offers a low investment rate, and boasts a 25-day grace period before being there are any interest charges.
There are two approaches to sign up for the Military Star Card. You can go to your trade client administration division and present your military ID card. Upon credit acceptance, you will be issued a transitory card.

About ECP--About the Exchange Credit Program

The Exchange Credit Program empowers and advances the mindful use of credit and helps members of the military build good credit for themselves. The Exchange Credit Program Products are customized to suit the specific needs of our administration's individuals and their families.

At certain places, the Exchange Credit Program products have ended up being important to military individuals in making purchases at specific field trades and brief trade offices. There is no other credit source accessible to administration individuals and their families that can give the level of help that the Exchange Credit Program gives.

Supporting Morale, Welfare, and Recreation (MWR) Programs

The Exchange's essential objective is to help MWR Programs. Truth be told, approximately 66 percent of the Exchange's income are paid to MWR programs with $2.4 billion being contributed in the most recent decade. Each time the Exchange forms an exchange utilizing a bank-issued card, the Exchange pays a transforming expense. These expenses mean a large number of dollars every year and lower the amount of is accessible for MWR programs. By using your MILITARY STAR® card, MILITARY STAR®Rewards MasterCard® Credit Card, and TAKE IT HOME TODAY!™ card and shopping with the Exchange, you are serving to backing these MWR programs. Not at all like bank-issued cards, benefits produced from the Exchange Credit Program Products (like the MILITARY STAR® card, MILITARY STAR® Rewards MasterCard® Credit Card, and TAKE IT HOME TODAY!™ card) are imparted to military groups through commitments, which help and enhance the personal satisfaction for you and your family by subsidizing Youth Services, Armed Forces Recreation Centers, Aquatic Centers, post capacities, and quite a bit more.

The Exchange Credit Program offers arrangement benefits to all qualified Active Duty and Mobilized or Activated Reservists or National Guard Military Members. While you are deployed, you may be able to use the card for purchases, and you might have to make regularly scheduled installment payments and your interest rate may be lowered. After your arrangement closes, your advantage rate returns to the rate in the current Exchange Credit Program Credit Agreement and you are obliged to make regularly scheduled installments the length of your record still has a parity.

With a specific end goal to be qualified for organization, your record must be in great standing (no more than one installment past due), and you must provide a duplicate of your deployment requests or a letter from your unit officer.
The organization requests or letter must contain:

• Your full name
• Your Social Security Number
• Your length of organization or dates of arrangement

On the off chance that your deployment time continues longer than expected, you or your Unit Commander/delegate ought to inform the Exchange Credit Program.

You will need to submit your organization requests or letter to:

Trade Credit Program
ATTN: Deployments
P.O. Box 650410
Dallas, TX 75265-07410

Fax: 214-465-2997 DSN: 967.2997
ATTN: Deployments
Email: [email protected] (Note: If sending via email, please include a picture of the requests or letter.) For inquiries regarding this arrangement, please contact the Exchange Credit Program Call Center at 1‑877‑891‑STAR (7827).

The Service Member's Civil Relief Act (SCRA)
The Service Member's Civil Relief Act (SCRA) is a government law that gives certain assurances to service members. One of the procurements is a 6 percent interest rate on purchases made before passage on dynamic obligation, including assembly or enactment from the Reserve or National Guard. This interest rate does not impact charges you make after you enter dynamic obligation or are deployed.
On the off chance that you are an Exchange Credit Program cardholder, this procurement may apply to you in the event that you meet the majority of the following criteria:
• You are an individual from the Active Component, Reserve Component, or National Guard
• You enroll or get a direct arrangement to the dynamic segment
• You are prepared or initiated to U.S. military administration under Title 10 requests, or you get Title 32 requests for government crises and your actuation was at the appeal of the President or Secretary of Defense
• You have brought about charges on your Exchange Credit Program account preceding enrolling, being named, being activated, or enacted.

In the event that you meet all the criteria, the Exchange Credit Program will bring down your interest rate while you are on deployment. The interest rate lessening will get to be compelling as of the date dynamic obligation starts, and you must keep on making installments. After your deployment, your normal interest rate will return to the rate in the current Exchange Credit Program Credit Agreement.
With a specific end goal to get an investment rate decrease, you may mail or fax a duplicate of your requests to:
Trade Credit Program

ATTN: Deployments

P.O. Box 650410

Dallas, TX 75265-07410

Fax: 214-465-2997 DSN: 967.2997

The requests must incorporate the dates or number of days of dynamic obligation administration, and must be given no later than 180 days after your end or discharge from military administration.

For inquiries concerning this arrangement, please contact the Exchange Credit Program Call Center at 1.877.891.STAR (7827)
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