Where Is Navy SEAL Training?

Only Easy Day Was Yesterday BUD/S Class 89 Plaque in Coronado, CA

Navy SEAL training primarily occurs at the Naval Special Warfare Center in Coronado, California. Here, candidates endure Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL (BUD/S) Training and SEAL Qualification Training (SQT), facing the Pacific Ocean's challenging conditions.

For some specialized courses within their training pipeline, such as parachute jump school or cold weather warfare training, candidates may travel to other military bases across the United States. But for BUD/S—the heart of Navy SEAL preparation—Coronado is where they test their mettle against sand, surf, and strenuous drills that forge them into elite warriors.

Why Have BUD/S in Coronado, CA?

Navy SEAL training is in Coronado, California, for several strategic and practical reasons:

  1. Access to Varied Environments: Coronado offers a range of challenging terrains, such as the Pacific Ocean's coastline for maritime operations and nearby desert areas ideal for land warfare training.
  2. Consistent Weather Conditions: The area typically has stable weather that allows year-round outdoor training without significant disruption due to extreme conditions.
  3. Seclusion and Security: Located on a secure naval base on the Silver Strand peninsula, it provides privacy from public view, which is essential for classified activities involved in SEALs' preparation.
  4. History and Tradition: This location has been home to Navy frogmen since World War II; there's a rich history tied into their ethos right where they train today.
  5. Proximity to Naval Facilities: Being close to other naval installations enables efficient coordination with various military branches necessary during multi-faceted training exercises.

The choice of Coronado encompasses both tactical advantages and respect for tradition—key elements that contribute significantly toward shaping candidates into America’s premier maritime commandos.

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