Where To Buy Your SEAL Clothing, Gifts & Much More… And Contribute At The Same Time!

The UDTSEAL.Org Store promotes the mission of its founding organization, the UDT-SEAL Association, by selling a wide variety of Navy SEAL gear in both its brick-and-mortar location and online. One hundred percent of the its profits go directly to the SEAL Veterans Foundation.

Not only does the store’s sales benefit SEAL veterans, but the items themselves portray the pride our nation has in these heroes. Those who purchase, wear, and use these items send a clear message to everyone who sees them: “We support the Navy SEALs and their ongoing mission.”

The UDTSEAL Store: Supporting SEALs With Every Purchase
For today’s generation, T-shirts and promotional gear speak volumes. Every purchase worn with pride has the potential to inspire a new generation to join this elite group of warriors. The store sources many of its products from US manufacturers, providing support to businesses in the nation its members serve.

With a wide selection of top-quality SEAL-themed merchandise, the store provides the SEAL community and its supporters with a variety of ways to show their patriotism. Merchandise includes:

- Menswear
- Womenswear
- Headwear
- Jewelry
- Home décor, including flags
- Babies’ and kids clothing
- Accessories
And much more, including sale items!

About the UDT-SEAL Association
Founded in 1969, the store’s supporting organization, the UDT-SEAL Association, focuses on one mission: to preserve the legacy and image of the Navy SEALs, to provide all these warriors with a common meeting ground for them and their families to forge friendships with fellow SEALs and their supporters. To do so, the organization encourages “every past, present, and future frogman and SEAL” to join in the mission.

UDT-SEAL is a 501(c)(19) nonprofit organization that serves as a source of inspiration and support to the Navy’s Special Ops veterans and active duty service members. Special Ops warriors — past and present — that UDT-SEAL supports include UDTs (Underwater Demolition Teams) and SEALs, as well as the Special Warfare Combat Crewmen (SWCCs), Naval Combat Demolition Units (NCDUs), Raiders, Scouts, and the Office of Strategic Services’ (OSS) Maritime Training Units.

Rather than competing with other SEAL support organizations, UDT-SEAL strives to further the mission of other SEAL organizations, such as the Navy SEAL Foundation and others. To that end, they educate the public about the work these Special Ops teams do to keep our nation safe, encourage their members to maintain the highest standards both on and off duty, memorialize those team members who have given their lives for our country, and promote its members’ general welfare and health.

The organization updates its members on current events that impact the Navy’s Special Warfare community, publishes a quarterly print magazine and an annual membership directory, holds annual business meetings and reunions, and maintains historical archives in partnership with the National Navy SEAL Museum. It also maintains a special program, the Membership Life Assistance Program (MLAP), to respond to members’ and their families’ needs. Working through chapters located all over the US, it can act quickly in times of need.

To be a part of this great organization’s mission, buy your SEAL-themed gifts or clothing from the UDT-SEAL Store and know that your dollars go toward helping veterans in need. And, if you’re ever in Virginia Beach for vacation, stop by the store in person for the best selection of SEAL gear on the planet!

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    I’m looking for blue SEAL track suit, long pants and short sleeve top for my gym work put. The one I have is 25 years old and starting to fall apart cannot be repaired any more. Can you supply or recommend a supplier where I can purchase. Many thanks and happy new year to you all.

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