Who Invented Navy SEAL Copypasta?

If you've heard the term Navy SEAL copypasta, you might wonder what it is. Or, you may have seen this type of text used without even knowing that's what it was. Continue reading below to learn what Navy SEAL copypasta means and who invented it.

What Is Navy SEAL Copypasta?

Navy SEAL copypasta is a comically aggressive dialogue written from the perspective of the cliche "tough guy" persona. The slang term comes from the fact that the dialogue is often copied and pasted repeatedly, with various people claiming the rants as their own.

Copypasta shouldn't be taken seriously. Instead, it's meant to be an ongoing joke that's usually used when someone humorously pretends to overreact to any insult, no matter how small. In fact, the smaller the insult, the funnier using copypasta is because of how out of proportion the response is.

Who Invented Navy SEAL Copypasta?

The truth is, nobody is positive where copypasta came from initially. But there are a few good guesses that generally point to a military enthusiast message board from Veterans Day in 2010. On this message board, a person with the screen name Operator Chan wrote an aggressive rant towards another person who they called a "kiddo."

The rant was made from the persona of a rugged Navy SEAL who claimed to have unbelievable accomplishments like more than 300 confirmed kills and having been trained in guerilla warfare tactics. Although it didn't immediately receive attention, the post blew up online in 2012, and thus, it's believed that the slang term Navy SEAL copypasta was born.

Where Can Navy SEAL Copypasta Examples Be Found In The Media?

One of the most obvious cases of copypasta being found in the media happened shortly after the original post mentioned above went viral. A YouTuber created a ballad of the original post and titled it "Navy Seal Copypasta - The Musical."  But, examples of characters based on the idea of Navy SEAL copypasta and the ironic "tough guy" persona it embodies can be found just about everywhere.

Examples of characters who embody the copypasta spirit include:

  • Simon Tam in "Firefly"
  • Smaug in "The Hobbit" (yes, even dragons can embody the copypasta ideal)
  • Rocco in "The Boondock Saints"
  • Captain Young in "Troops of Doom"
  • Schlock Mercenary in "The Seventy Maxims of Maximally Effective Mercenaries"
  • Raul Tejada in "Fallout: New Vegas"
  • Jules Winnfield in "Pulp Fiction"
  • Khal Drogo in "Game of Thrones"
  • James Bond

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