Why Some Men Succeed Navy SEAL Training and Other Men Do Not

It’s no doubt that becoming a Navy SEAL is a tough gig. The extensive training is designed for a reason – not only to ensure that applicants are physically strong, but to weed out those who are mentally weak. Only those who can pass both areas of strenuous tests are able to call themselves a SEAL.

However, it’s worth mentioning that some succeed through the program faster than others, or with more ease. Why is it that some fair to meet standards, even when physically fit, and others sail through the rigorous training with ease?

Personalities that Find Success as a Navy SEAL

As we’ve mentioned before, it’s not just the strong who get through SEAL training, it’s those with mental capacity to overcome. SEAL training is designed to test applicants to their core. The tests try to break you in every sense of the word. Those who are able to persevere, to remain strong in the most difficult of situations, have a specific type of personality.

They are strong. They can make it through anything. That’s not to say it’s easy for them, only that they are able to dig deep and tackle whatever comes their way. To a certain extent this can be taught, that’s what SEAL education is all about. But it’s also something you have to have before training ever begins.

Those with all of these qualities are the ones who fly through training and become full-fledged SEALs.

Physical Aspects Weigh in as a SEAL

As we mentioned, there is much of the job of a SEAL that calls for grueling physical strength. Their body has to take on ruthless training … often with little sleep. They have to have incredible lung strength, become a strong swimmer, and more.

Even those who are strong can develop sudden injuries through such rigorous training regimens.

It takes someone with a triple threat to succeed as a SEAL. And more often than not, you don’t know it it’s you until you’re making your way through training. Anyone can filled with brute strength, but you won’t know how your body will react to extreme measures until you put it to the test.

That’s why the training exists, after all – to put the body through a series of incredible tests, from those that challenge the mind, the loyalty of the applicant, their physical ability and how they can push through, and more.

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