Women and Men are Special Ops Navy Divers

Navy Diver Training Includes Underwater Demolition SEAL BUDS Test

If you are passionate about swimming or SCUBA diving, consider what the U.S.Navy has to offer. In addition to all expenses paid dives all over the world,the Navy offers paid training, salary, benefits and adventure filled careers to it’s divers. U.S. Navy divers are a part of a special operations unit for women and men. U.S. Navy divers work in every type of underwater environment worldwide and must meet certain fitness, eyesight and ASVAB test standards.

Working as U.S. Navy Diver

U.S. Navy divers operate underwater at depths up to 2000 feet. Divers conduct search, rescue and salvage operations, clear routes, perform inspections, repairs and carry out research in every type of environment. Divers also work in underwater construction and demolition and assist law enforcement agencies.

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Diver Pay Range

In addition to the prestige that comes with being recognized as a Special Operations U.S. Navy Diver, the job also comes with special pay incentives. Divers are eligible for a $12,000 enlistment bonus, dive pay, special duty pay, and demolition and sea or sub pay - all of which are in addition to a divers normal military pay and benefits.

Training to be A U.S. Navy Diver

To be a U.S. Navy Diver, you must complete recruit training and be accepted into the diver program. To qualify for diver training, you must be accepted before your 30th birthday and be a U.S. Citizen who qualifies for a security clearance. Each Navy diver must also complete a Underwater Demolition/SEAL BUD/S physical test.
After being accepted, divers complete 32 days of preparation school at the Great Lakes Naval Training Command, and 70 days of Second Class Dive School in Panama City, Florida. Second Class Dive School students focus on a specific aspect of diving such as diver medicine, planning and physics, salvage operations, mechanics or another area. Diver training continues with the fleet after finishing Second Class Dive School. Working with a Navy dive unit, fleet divers sharpen their skills and learn the use of various equipment and methods such as mixed-gas diving.

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